Robotic Joint Replacement

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Robotic Knee Joint Replacement

Advantages Of CUVIS For Artificial Joint Surgery

  • Improved workspace check.
  • 3D bone model generation with fast and easy CT image data.
  • Ul design considering user convenience.
  • Precise pre-surgical planning is executed every time.
  • Sub-millimetre dimensional accuracy.
  • Optimal alignment.

  • Various cutting options – Full & partial cutting.
  • Intra-operative gap check - Pre/Intra/Post.
  • Plan changing & gap balancing possible.
  • Real-time system monitoring.
  • Emergency stop & force freeze.
  • Manual guide of robot arm.

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Robotic Joint Surgery

Knee replacement surgery (knee arthroplasty) is a procedure that involves removing diseased or damaged bone and cartilage of a knee joint and replacing them with artificial joint (prosthesis) made of metal, polymers or high-grade plastic parts. It is an effective, safe procedure that can help relieve pain, feel better, move better and restore function in severely diseased knee joints.



Life always presents us with multiple surprises and they are not always pleasant ones. If you are someone who has been a victim of such an unpleasant incident, be it a road traffic accident or an assault,we understand as a trauma care management center, that your troubles do not end with the endless surgeries, and that traffic accident rehabilitation requires more care than most other conditions.

You have a long way to recover from your injuries physically and to prepare yourself for a new leaf of life. We understand what it means to face multiple injuries and recover from it. We offer polytrauma treatment for through our inter-disciplinary approach.


Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip Replacement (surgery) is a medical procedure follow with the strategy. A specialist carefully change the damage or faulty hip joint with Arthritis and replaces it with a artificial joint frequently produced using metal and plastic segments.


Knee Replacement

A knee joint is a surgery whereby the ailing knee joint is planted with fake material which is made by metal and plastic knee joint and replacement with damaged knee joint. The knee is a pivot joint which gives movement at the point where the thigh meets the lower leg. Some of reasons to have Knee Pain


Hitech Physiotheraphy

Physical therapists provide services that develop, maintain and restore people’s maximum movement and functional ability. They can help people at any stage of life, when movement and function are threatened by ageing, injury, diseases, disorders, conditions or environmental factors.

Physiotherapists are experts in movement and function who work in partnership with their patients, a physiotherapist can also help prevent further injury by listening to patients needs and expectations, working together to plan the most appropriate treatment for any individual condition, including setting goals and treatment outcomes.


Computer-Assisted Total Knee Replacement

Computer-assisted total knee replacement is a procedure that utilizes sophisticated computer imaging to assure the highest level of precision during the knee replacement procedure. With the aid of a real time infrared based tracking system, we can achieve virtually perfect alignment and soft tissue balance, which are the two most critical components of a successful knee replacement.

How does computer-assisted surgery work?

In some ways, computer-assisted surgery is similar to the commonly used GPS systems found in aircraft and automobiles.


Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy

This title includes a variety of sports and activity related injuries, affecting performance and participation. These injuries may occur due to the lack of preventive awareness, poor conditioning and improper nutrition leading to suboptimal performance and injuries. Therapy post surgeries for sports injuries is important to nurse the individual back to health. Injuries can be sustained while playing sports or even during practice sessions. The most common sports injuries like cartilage injuries, knee and shoulder injuries have the risk of permanent loss of functional ability if not treated properly on time. Sports medicine physicians can restore sportspersons to their original state of physical activity and health, thus optimizing performance once again. It is also important to minimize the occurrence of injuries in the future.

After operation must be follow the therapies by Physiotherapists. They help to functions, movement of joints properly and back to life again as you desired.