General Physician


The below mentioned roles define the scope of work of a general physician.

  • A general physician is well equipped to diagnose both kinds of simple and complex ailments. They are trained to conduct any diagnoses more logically and safely.
  • Once diagnosed, they can treat all those diseases with the latest and new therapies. They are all well aware of these latest innovations, and always keep upgrading and updating themselves with the changing
  • trends in medical science. With this knowledge, they can solve complex cases and give the right advice on illnesses that a patient might be suffering from.
  • Although general physicians do not perform surgeries, they do play a very important role in operations. This is because they are the ones who review patients before a surgery and offer the surgeon with reports on risk factors that the patient might have, related to the surgery. Also, they aid patients with post-operative care, and can also help patients handle any complications they may have during that period.


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